TagPay to participate in FI2020 week

We are pleased to announce that TagPay will be hosting an FI2020 Week event, with its partners Finance Innovation and Raise in Paris, France.

The roundtable will discuss digital banking and the financial inclusion landscape in Africa as part of a week of global conversation exploring the most important steps to achieving full financial inclusion.  Please view the program and invitation here.

Partners from around the world are participating in FI2020 Week in order to advance financial inclusion. Full financial inclusion means that anyone can easily have access to financial services, at fair prices, with respect and dignity. Within this vision, financial services are delivered by a range of providers, in a stable, competitive market to financially capable clients.

FI2020 Week will be held from November 2-6, 2015. Overall coordination is led by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI), an action-oriented think tank working toward full global financial inclusion and based in Washington, DC. FI2020 Week aims to build momentum around addressing the most significant gaps in financial inclusion through a week of global conversation.

The roudtable will take place on November 5th from 6PM to 8PM in Paris, France.

Hashtag #FI2020 to follow the global conversation.