TagLoan, the module for intelligent loans, presented at Money20/20

TagLoan is a new module of the TagPay digital banking platform. It manages short to long term loan services. Fully accessible through APIs, the module can easily communicate with third party systems to increase value, notably using artificial intelligence.

TagLoan has been designed as an independent module, communicating with TagPay and third party systems through rich APIs.


Using instant credit as a booster, TagPay's initial offer consists of 3 types of products:

  • Instant credit: short term loans for bill payments (e.g. air time)
  • Salary credit: Short to mid term loans, allowing customers to get an advance on salary
  • Consumer credit: Mid term loans allowing customers to buy items within a network of dedicated merchants


  • Automatic: Customers can subscribe to loans through simple and user-friendly interfaces. If they meet the eligibility conditions, the loans are disbursed in real time and can be used on the go.
  • Future-proof: New loan products can easily be incorporated and configured on the platform. Third party loan engines can also be plugged to TagLoan.
  • AI enabled: TagLoan seamlessly integrates scoring and AI-based services to create new products and reinforce client scoring.

TagPay presented the new module to the press at Money20/20 in Copenhagen.