Launch of Fintech: The Banks Strike Back

Yves Eonnet and Hervé Manceron were very pleased to launch their book, Fintech: The Banks Strike Back, last September 25th 2018 at the head office of TagPay’s new partner: onepoint.


This book highlights that while every industry (taxis, hotels, supermarkets) is being disrupted by new demands from consumers, banks are not adapting their offer fast enough. They face many threats, from telcos to the GAFA and BATX techno giants, without having the proper tools to fight back.

However, they still have a few cards to play, they just have to play them fast. And by forming an alliance with fintechs, that are developing new technologies and new solutions, they might be able to get through and enter the new cycle of the digital bank.

Couverture Fintech EN.png

This book is published exactly at the same moment as the Digital Banking System (DBS) Series, relating how DBS by TagPay is challenging the old Core Banking System.