TagPay attends Money20/20 Europe

Money2020 Logo.png

In the beginning of June 2018, TagPay attended the Money 20/20 Europe annual Convention in Amsterdam. Over 5,000 people from 1,500 companies, and 80 countries were present at this haven for any finance-related stakeholder, from AI to blockchain to mobile devices. 

Participating in this kind of event is always perfect to immerse ourself in the future. Everyone we met had only one goal, one idea in mind: taking the financial world to the next step. Making it more digital, more agile, more transparent, and user friendly.


A very interesting outcome for us was realizing how much mentalities were changing concerning digital banking. Banks are coming more and more to the conclusion they cannot keep on living on legacy processes. It creates an opportunity for us to accompany them in their transition to becoming banks of the future.

One of the highlights of the three days was the visit of the French Minister Mounir Mahjoubi. Yves had the opportunity to talk to him, and upon seeing the Minister agreeing with his ideas and vision of how banks were going to evolve, he truly felt TagPay's time has come.