TagPay raises 2.5 million euros, 2 funded by Société Générale

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Société Générale Group is once again putting its trust in TagPay, pioneer in the digital mobile banking world since 2010, by investing 2 million euros in our fintech, renewing its 2016 initial investment of 1 million euros. TagPay raised in parallel 500.000 euros funded by long-standing shareholders. 

TagPay is going to use that money in two major axis. The first axe is technological. The Digital Banking System(TM) platform TagPay developed becomes more complex and complete, and needs frequent technical development within the product. The second axe concerns the marketing and exposure of TagPay. Up until today, we have been mostly active in Africa and towards our historical clients. From now on, we need to be more visible and reaching other geographic areas, including the Western countries.

Our banking system is new, it delivers new ways to offer banking services, and it is universal, not only applicable in Africa.