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episode 4:

The Real-Time Factor:

Increasing the Performance and Understanding Customers' Demands


In CBS: 
Because of the age of its architecture, most processes need to be processed in batches.


In DBS: 
All the processes are native real-time. This means that all transactions are activated, processed, checked and completed in a matter of milliseconds. This includes instant double-entry bookkeeping and the immediate updating of all the accounts and databases.


The impact of this “real-time DNA” is substantial: it simplifies processes, increases efficiency and drastically reduces risks. Moreover, it is a strategic concept for the bank because this function makes a big difference to the trust that the customer has in the offered service. In 2018, there is no more waiting, and any delay in the delivery of a service (transfer, debit payment, transaction, deposit, purchase, etc.) is perceived as a risk that endangers the end customer's trust in the service.

Next episode:

The DBS strength: Breaking the Silos

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