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Episode 6:
The Set-Up:

Quick, Effective, and Inexpensive


Setting up a bank is an enormous undertaking. It can take months or even years to buy, install, configure, test and commission the server farms needed to operate the bank. These timescales cannot even be reduced because of the very nature of the technology used.

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This constraint has been done away with. When a bank is defined (exact specs with brand, parameters, products, alerts, modules, etc.), and thanks to latest-generation robots, setting up a complete digital bank in the cloud takes no longer than one hour and ten minutes, including testing. Obviously, there is no longer room for human error.


What we have is a paradigm shift in banking computing, allowing more flexibility, and less time and money-loss.

Next episode:
The sixth difference between CBS and DBS:
A malleable platform, allowing agility and adaptability

To be continued...